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Aarti is a devotional prayer that has devotees standing just before the image of a deity or consecrated saint accompanied with singing of devotional songs in unison. This singing is typically accompanied by other musical instruments like bells, gongs and cymbals.

In Hindu rituals aarti is a wealthy and lively occasion, if the deity is adorned with garlands and showered with flowers together with aromatic incense sticks and waving of panchmukhi diya or five-wicks oil lamp about His figure in clockwise.

Soon after providing the aarti just before the deity, it truly is brought just before all of the devotees, who then pass their hands by turns above the sacred flame from the aarti lamp and quickly provide them nearer to their faces and heads as being a gesture of obtaining the auspicious energy in the holy flame.

At Shirdi, you will find 4 aarti sessions all via the day, throughout which devotees congregate invoking Sai Baba, looking for His blessings.

Saibaba's aarti is sung in Marathi. As being a residing manifestation in the summary concept of God, Shri Sai Abasourdi is an epitome in the supreme power that guides, protects and support. This yearning which has created a bond of love and faith among Sai and his devotee is expressed via the aarti.

Aarti is carried out 4 occasions daily in Saipuram. The day starts using the invocation of Shri Sai Baba with the early morning aarti known as the Kakkad Aarti at 5.15am. Madhyan Aarti or Midday aarti is held at 12noon. The night aarti or even the Sandhya Aarti takes location at 6.30pm and also the day closes with Shej Aarti or Night aarti at 10pm.

With Shej Aarti darshan of Shri Saibaba will get more than till the subsequent day. Priests show up at on him during every one of these rituals and rites. Throughout these aartis devotees make offerings to Saibaba within the type of new clothing, flowers, fruits and sweets, and so on.

Slightly bit of Udi or sacred ash can also be offered towards the devotees being a token of love from Shri Sai in the finish in the rituals.

Sai Baba's Aarti Timming In shirdi:-

• Kakad Aarti (Morning Aarti) 4:30 Am

• Madhyan Aarti (Midday Aarti) 12 Pm

• Sandhya Aarti Shirdi (Evening Aarti) At Sunset

• Shej Aarti ( Night Aarti) 4:30 Am

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